Talbot Lago T26 Record 1947

  • First registration: 02-07-1947
  • Vin: 100.092
  • 128 kW / 170 HP
  • 4482 cc
  • Color: Bleu
  • Interior: Red
  • History complete from new delivery.
  • 1 of 3 with a Worblaufen carrosserie.
  • Wilson pre-selector gearbox.
  • FIVA pas.

Vehicle history:

The new “Lago Record” was incredibly expensive, but presented with 170 hp and a top performing production car in the world. Lago’s feature since 1946 with a hydraulic braking system, a Wilson pre-selector gearbox and a 4.5 liter engine with 170 hp. The T26 was before he came into production already used in several Grand Prix races. The Lagos of the motor is the most powerful engine which was available at that time. And also one of the most innovative. In general, the engine gives his driver a great and definitely sporty riders experience. This car there are only three built with Worblaufen body. Any weather unique and tailored for the future owner. The vehicle offered here is RHD and an irresistibly beautiful cabriolet body.

This Talbot Lago is  restored in our compagny in 2003/2004. Then this Talbot stood in collections and has hardly driven. The car is in top condition.

Price on request