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License plate: 75-SZ-VD

Year of manufacture: 1997

Odometer reading: 153.305 km

A very nice 1997 BMW Z3 with the super fine 4 cylinder M44 engine with 16 valves and 140 HP. The silver color scheme with black leather interior is a beautiful and popular combination. This first series Z3 is very original and also has the original rims with which it was delivered new in 1997. The BMW is factory delivered with some nice options such as an electrically operated hood, air conditioning and an automatic gearbox with an extra sport mode. The car also comes with a hardtop in the color of the car. Other details are the new Pioneer radio/cd with bluetooth, the wood-look center console and the central door locking with remote control. The car has recently had major maintenance, with engine oil, spark plugs and filters replaced. New yellow Koni shock absorbers are mounted at the rear. The front wishbones have been replaced for an improved stronger version of Mehle. The shock absorber holders at the front and rear have also been replaced for the improved version of Mehle. The exhaust rear silencer and battery are new replaced.

Price: € 8.900,00