Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint 1965 in a very good condition. This Sprint is imported from Italy in 1973 and
was sold in 1989. After that, this Sprint was completely restored by the current owner.
This Sprint is always carefully tended wich is making it still in a beautiful condition. Only in warm and dry weather it was allowed this Bella to leave the garage.

The original upholstery is what affected by the ravages of time. It has its charm, but can also be replaced with an original-like new upholstery.

The 6 cylinder engine runs nice and regular. This Sprint is technically in a very good condition. The exhaust system is completely stainless steel.

During the restoration, many parts, such as the complete suspension is provided with a powder coating. Therefore, these are still in a beautiful condition.

A complete restoration report is to present the car as well as the original Italian papers. And the owner can tell you all about the history of this beautiful Alfa Romeo.


The Alfa Romeo 2600 (Tipo 106) was Alfa Romeo’s six-cylinder flagship produced from 1961 to 1968. It was the successor to the Alfa Romeo 2000. It Has become historically significant as the last Alfa Romeo to have been fitted with an inline six-cylinder engine with twin overhead camshafts. That had been the traditional Alfa Romeo engine configuration since the 1920s, but cool way to four-cylinder engines as the factory oriented its production towards more economical mass-produced car models starting in 1950.
The 2600 coupe was Introduced at the 1962 Geneva Motor Show with a body by Bertone as the 2600 Sprint.